I got a new computer.

2015-11-28 02:00:11 by Hydecka

Sometimes you have to work with what you got. But Luckly someone saved my ass. My old PC broke and I have a new one. Now I am not a very active user here. I started when I was a teenager but I'm 31 now. Looking back on a lot of my forum posts, I realized I was really nasty. But honestly? A lot of it was just over the top and I was hoping someone would find it funny. 

I've changed a lot. But honestly, I really did enjoy a lot of stuff I posted. I'm leaning more towards that was bad. But if it made a couple people laugh cool. The point is... I'm here. I got a new PC and I'm trying really hard to be more.... polite. Its hard because its really not who I am. Anyways... I wouldn't want to read this much. So that being said. I'm gonna stop soon. When the popularit system used to be on profiles a long time ago. I held #1 for a short time. Without posting ANY good videos. 

I'm telling yo guys... I'm a late bloomer. But something is coming soon. I don't know what. But defeintly something. 

Sorry if I've ever trolled anyone reading this. Sorry. =/ 

(sorry not sorry :D)

Trying to get motivated

2015-07-28 18:05:09 by Hydecka

Story of my life. If only I had a better PC =/ 

Also Hi. 

Watch out for those pointy bits! 

Its going to be really decent animation. Its based off a fan fiction. It will make you laugh, cry, and vomit. 

I might look for some help I dunno. Just updating anyone still reading. 


I am such a slacker

2015-04-09 16:00:52 by Hydecka

I have a template for a animated face. All the parts can move, the mouth, eyes, eyebrows, even the hair. 

I only have one frame of each part of the face. Right now its my avatar on social networks and such. 

I'm also going to throw the face into my profile for a little bit. The problem is I started off as "Hydecka" 

still love the character but its old. Its very niche. From LUFIA II. I hated using screenames with numbers or #$#^ whatever and the character "Dekar" was refered to as "Hydecka" in the player manual. Nobody uses that name, its unique. Anyways... I'm rambing. I wanted to change my persona to my real name and the nick name people have given me "Aaron T" But I still like Hydecka.... Anyways. I don't enjoy animating that much. Its not easy work when your learning even for pros. But I swear I am going to get something at least halfway decent done! 


I do not want to upload again until its something REALLY GOOD. 

I would REALLY LOVE to WORK with SOMEONE. Make things EASIER. 

Sup guys?

2015-02-28 11:04:16 by Hydecka

Hey thanks for checking out my page today. Either its because of my audio upload, or because I spent like 5 minutes on the forums this morning. Either way welcome. I am going to be working on some non-animated releated stuff today so really can't share with you here. However, I do have a very small candle burning in my head for a short animation in the future. I do not like drawing, I don't enjoy animating, but with enough patience, I'm pretty sure I could pull of something decent. Sometimes I just need a kick in the ass to get me going though. 

I'm more of an Audio Guy, Video Editing, and I love my VIDGJEA GHAYMES! 

I really miss this site, I don't know WHY i went inactive for so long. Anyways, thanks for reading. Why are you even reading this though? The hell is wrong with you?