Entry #1

Sup guys?

2015-02-28 11:04:16 by Hydecka

Hey thanks for checking out my page today. Either its because of my audio upload, or because I spent like 5 minutes on the forums this morning. Either way welcome. I am going to be working on some non-animated releated stuff today so really can't share with you here. However, I do have a very small candle burning in my head for a short animation in the future. I do not like drawing, I don't enjoy animating, but with enough patience, I'm pretty sure I could pull of something decent. Sometimes I just need a kick in the ass to get me going though. 

I'm more of an Audio Guy, Video Editing, and I love my VIDGJEA GHAYMES! 

I really miss this site, I don't know WHY i went inactive for so long. Anyways, thanks for reading. Why are you even reading this though? The hell is wrong with you? 


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