I am such a slacker

2015-04-09 16:00:52 by Hydecka

I have a template for a animated face. All the parts can move, the mouth, eyes, eyebrows, even the hair. 

I only have one frame of each part of the face. Right now its my avatar on social networks and such. 

I'm also going to throw the face into my profile for a little bit. The problem is I started off as "Hydecka" 

still love the character but its old. Its very niche. From LUFIA II. I hated using screenames with numbers or #$#^ whatever and the character "Dekar" was refered to as "Hydecka" in the player manual. Nobody uses that name, its unique. Anyways... I'm rambing. I wanted to change my persona to my real name and the nick name people have given me "Aaron T" But I still like Hydecka.... Anyways. I don't enjoy animating that much. Its not easy work when your learning even for pros. But I swear I am going to get something at least halfway decent done! 


I do not want to upload again until its something REALLY GOOD. 

I would REALLY LOVE to WORK with SOMEONE. Make things EASIER. 


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