Trying to get motivated

2015-07-28 18:05:09 by Hydecka

Story of my life. If only I had a better PC =/ 

Also Hi. 


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2015-07-28 19:11:07

There is no "if only," just "will I?"

I had bad luck with computers. One overheated constantly and ultimately the motherboard got fried within a span of two years. One was so bad it was running at a clocking speed of 1.3GHz on an Intel Atom processor, not enough to run FL Studio, but I made my Game Jam tracks with it despite wanting to pull my hair out. The third computer was quite literally falling apart-- the screen hinges were broken, the wires were spilling out and various keys on the keyboard were missing. It wasn't on a decent system either, it ran on buggy Windows Vista.

And you know what? Some of my best tracks, many dating back to 2013, came from that very computer.

It's not the hardware you have that limits you. It's you that limit yourself. Are you willing to push your computer to its limits for your craft? If not, well... you can try find all the motivation you want, but more often than not you'd be disappointed.


2015-07-29 00:21:41

One day after making of the greatest pieces of art you've thought of, a better computer will find it's way into your life but only if you take that first step into making new things and continue to love it, but i have no doubt you'll find a way around it

also hi :>