Entry #6

I got a new computer.

2015-11-28 02:00:11 by Hydecka

Sometimes you have to work with what you got. But Luckly someone saved my ass. My old PC broke and I have a new one. Now I am not a very active user here. I started when I was a teenager but I'm 31 now. Looking back on a lot of my forum posts, I realized I was really nasty. But honestly? A lot of it was just over the top and I was hoping someone would find it funny. 

I've changed a lot. But honestly, I really did enjoy a lot of stuff I posted. I'm leaning more towards that was bad. But if it made a couple people laugh cool. The point is... I'm here. I got a new PC and I'm trying really hard to be more.... polite. Its hard because its really not who I am. Anyways... I wouldn't want to read this much. So that being said. I'm gonna stop soon. When the popularit system used to be on profiles a long time ago. I held #1 for a short time. Without posting ANY good videos. 

I'm telling yo guys... I'm a late bloomer. But something is coming soon. I don't know what. But defeintly something. 

Sorry if I've ever trolled anyone reading this. Sorry. =/ 

(sorry not sorry :D)


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2015-11-28 02:32:19

Welcome back!